About Us


Enlight CAD Engineering provides Structural Steel Detailing services and connection design. Our stringent adherence to global standards of AISC, NISD, CISC, OSHA, and ASTM has not only brought us undeniable credibility in the industry but has also helped us expand our client base aggressively. Today, we cater to clients from all around the globe. We bring a distinct and specialist skillset of manpower that is familiar and experienced in estimating and detailing various commercial, industrial and miscellaneous projects. We see through the whole project overcoming every challenge big or small within deadlines. We believe that a great business culture is built by delivering quality products on time.


At Enlightcad Engineering, our operational approach is aimed to meet 3 key cornerstones:

  • Curated and cost-effective solutions based on a very clear understanding of the customer’s business requirement
  • Uncompromising adherence to Industry mandated standards
  • Self-Imposed, challenging deadlines that guide both parties involved, towards faster goal realization and growth


To be an innovative leader in the Structural Steel detailing industry by utilizing the latest technologies to provide efficient detailing services.


To provide superior quality steel detailing services to the fabricators to aid in the successful completion of the projects with high-quality deliverables in a profitable and professional manner.

Our Team

"Teamwork means more we and Less Me"

At Enlightcad Engineering, we have a core team of Structure Detailing Experts having more than 15 years of experience in the steel industry. `We help our clients grow and produce at a faster rate by consistently providing high-quality drawings with less turnaround time, in turn, evolving ourselves by taking up exciting challenges. Exhilaration has become the norm for our repeat customers.